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      DFA: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
      As of September 21, 2021 – 6:45 AM

1.Q. Your website tracking is currently unavailable. How can I still track my passport for delivery?

1.A. You may send an email to or call our customer care hotline at +632 8854 2100 every Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM except holidays.

2.Q. I have no Tracking Number on hand but only the Account Reference Number (ARN) issued by DFA, can I still get a status of the passport?

2.A. Only those with Tracking Number issued will be given an update on the status of the passport. You can send an email to or you may call our customer care hotline at +632 8854 2100 every Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM except holidays.

3.Q. Who can we contact to provide us the status of the passport?

3.A. You may send an email inquiry to or Also, passport applicants may contact DFA’s Client Concerns Unit at +639 77-353-3942 (Globe) or +639 61-567-9324 (Smart). Consular lines are open during regular office hours, every Monday to Friday from 8:00 am -5:00 pm.

4.Q. Can you release the actual passports in your warehouse in Merville, Parañaque if its already available?

4.A. As per agreement with DFA, AIR21 will deliver the passports door-to-door to the addresses of its recipients.

5.Q. What if I need to re-route the delivery address of the passport?

5.A. AIR21 will not consider re-route instruction from the passport holder. We shall only follow the given address by DFA. Should there be any change on the delivery address or other concerns, the passport holder should communicate directly to DFA by sending an email to or

6.Q. If I am not at home to receive the passport, can I have any of my family member receive it for me?

6.A. Yes, you may authorize someone to receive on your behalf. Please provide AIR21 courier a letter of authorization and a copy of government-issued ID of authorized receiver.

1. Will AIR21 still be open for pick-up and delivery during the quarantine?

Yes. AIR21 will continue to have normal operations during the quarantine. We are constantly coordinating with local and national government agencies
regarding guidelines and updates on the COVID-19 situation. We have additional contingency plans at the ready to ensure that our operations are not disrupted.

2. What are the measures being done by AIR21 to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus?

AIR21 has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation since the start of this year and has already implemented measures within the organization to stop the
spread of the virus. This includes but is not limited to:
1. Advisories and education and awareness campaigns to all AIR21 employees on workplace safety vs. infectious diseases
2. Deployment of safety gear such as face masks, gloves, and personal hygiene kits to couriers, drivers, and warehouse personnel
3. Body temperature scanners issued and given to our warehouse security teams
4. Minimal contact is made with packages left in our sanitized storage facilities
5. All international items are subject to quarantine procedures as mandated by the Bureau of Customs.

3. How can we be sure that we will not contract the COVID-19 virus from AIR21 couriers and drivers?

1. AIR21 couriers and drivers undergo a physical assessment and/or body temperature scan before they are allowed to enter an AIR21 office or warehouse and report for work.
2. Our couriers and drivers are advised to put on their personal face masks when necessary and should be equipped with their personal hygiene kit (alcohol or sanitizer, face masks, etc.) prior to their departure from AIR21 stations, offices, or hubs and especially when dealing with customers or clients.
3. Proper handwashing is required for all personnels.
4. We will include additional precautions when necessary.

4. Is it safe to receive a package from any area where the COVID-19 virus has been reported?

Yes. The likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that
has been moved, traveled, and exposed to different conditions and temperatures is also low.

SOURCE: World Health Organization

5. Can we still speak with an AIR21 Sales and Customer Service representative during the quarantine?

Yes. Complying with government recommendation, AIR21 is practicing Social Distancing, our Sales and Customer Service representatives have been instructed to conduct any business interactions through phone call, email, or conference call.

In the event that a face-to-face meeting is unavoidable, they must be kept short and must take place in a room able to accommodate at least one (1) meter or three (3) feet of distance between parties.


What is Airfreight 2100? How is it different from AIR21?

AIR21 is the Brand name of Airfreight 2100 Inc., the company.

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1. Rates

1.1 Why did you change your rates?

We believe in improving our services to provide better, more efficient logistics solutions for our customers. Updating our rates is one way of ensuring that we will be able to provide the same quality of services expected of us.

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1.2 How come your rates are more expensive now than before? What are the changes in your rates?

It has become necessary for us to raise rates for certain services and drop rates in others due to changing costs and market situations. This rate adjustment also includes smaller 0.1 and 0.5 kg weights for the Sulight Pouches, allowing you to save on shipping for lighter packages. Our Bigahe service is now more affordable than before.

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1.3 How much is the declared value surcharge?

The declared value surcharge is 1% of the declared value you place in the waybill.

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1.4 What is the Declared Value Surcharge for?

The Declared Value Surcharge is a guarantee for your shipments. In the event of loss, damage, delay, shortage, mis-delivery, or non-delivery, the Declared Value also serves as the replacement value of the shipment. The maximum value that can be declared is 50,000 PHP per airwaybill.

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1.5 How do I find out how much my shipment will cost?

Call the Customer Service hotlines, or check out our rate tables and compute for your rates. value that can be declared is 50,000 PHP per airwaybill.

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1.6 Is the PHP 1,000 minimum value of freight charges for pickup still in effect?

We now accept shipments below the minimum rate of P1,000 in NCR, Clark, Subic, Baguio, Laguna, Cavite, Davao, and Cebu. Avail of this service by adding your freight charge to the remaining amount needed for you to reach the minimum rate of P1,000.

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2. Packages

2.1 Where can I drop off my shipments?

Please consult our Customer Service Representatives to get the nearest, most convenient drop-off location for you or browse

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2.2 Can I ship food items with your Hebigat boxes?

Our Hebigat boxes are not fully capable of carrying food items or dangerous goods.

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2.3 Up to how heavy a package can the Su-light box carry?

Our Su-light boxes are able to carry up to 4 kilos of your shipment.

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2.4 Why are there smaller weight breaks for Su-light Pouches and Bigahe shipments?

We now accommodate 0.1 kg and 0.5 kg weight breaks for Sulight Pouches and 0.5 for Bigahe shipments so that customers can pay less for lighter pouches and packages.

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2.5 Can I ship food? What kinds?

Yes, you may ship non-perishable food that is properly sealed and packaged. These are mostly dry or canned goods, and anything that will maintain good quality even without being refrigerated. Contents should not spill.

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2.6 What packaging can we use when shipping food?

You may use any packaging as long as the items are properly secured. Food must not be crushed or spill.

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2.7 Can the consignee (recipient) pick up the shipment at one of your branches?

Yes, please indicate HAL or Hold at Location on the airwaybill and write down the address of the Mail and More branch or AIR21 station instead of consignee's delivery address.

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3. Delivery

3.1 What is the delivery schedule?

Yes, please indicate HAL or Hold at Location on the airwaybiil and write down the address of the AIR21 Business Hub branch or AIR21 station instead of consignee's delivery address.

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3.3 Does AIR21 deliver and pick up during holidays?

Yes, however on holidays, AIR21 only delivers and picks up shipments that are scheduled beforehand. Please call Customer Service for assistance.

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3.5 What does limited delivery mean?

Limited delivery means that due to the holiday, we are not at full delivery or pickup capacity. Expect an additional day of shipment transit time.

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3.6 Will you deliver even if I'm not there?

AIR21 offers door to door delivery service, anyone from consignee's address may accept the shipment in behalf of the ultimate recipient unless there is special instruction from the shipper that only consignee can receive the package.

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3.7 How do I track my shipment?

You can track your shipment using our online tracking here on the upper left portion of our website. Simply type your 12 digit airwaybill number in the Track your Shipment box. You can also track your shipment using your mobile phone or by calling our Customer Service hotline.

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4. Account Holders

4.1 My company is an AIR21 account holder. How will this affect my existing discount on rates?

Your account's existing discount will remain. Only published rates were adjusted. For further clarifications, please consult your respective Account Executive.
However, if you still do not have an account, you may contact us by clicking HERE .

4.2 How can my company apply for an AIR21 account?

The first step is to call the Customer Service Hotline (02) 854 21 00 and inquire about having an account with us. Our customer service agent will then ask about your personal and business information. Afterwards, our Sales Representative will contact you via phone or e-mail, to inform you of the necessary requirements that you need to submit to AIR21 such as the Credit Application Form, SEC Registration, BIR Registration, Audited Financial Statement and your company profile. We will then review and verify the requirements you've submitted. Once your application is approved, an AIR21 account number will be assigned to you.

5. Shipping

5.1 How can I ship through AIR21?

Book your shipments through our Customer Service Representative or drop it off at our authorized ship centers.

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5.2 What will you ask me when I call your Customer Service hotline to book a pick-up?

Prepare the following information: the weight and dimension of your package, its exact destination, phone number, and zip code where you want your package shipped.

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5.3 How do I track my shipment?

You can track your shipment using our online tracking here on the upper left portion of our website. Simply type your 12 digit airwaybill number in the Track your Shipment box. You can also track your shipment using your mobile phone or by calling our Customer Service hotlines.

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5.4 What is my tracking number?

Your tracking number is also the waybill number. It's located at the top right corner of your waybill, right below the bar code.

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6. AIR21 Gift Voucher

6.1 I'm holding an AIR21 voucher, can I give it to someone else?

Yes. AIR21 vouchers are transferable. Anybody can use it as long as it is a cash transaction

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6.2 Can I use an AIR21 gift voucher to settle my balances with AIR21?

The AIR21 gift vouchers are considered as a stand-in for cash transactions. Since your balance is a form of credit, the AIR21 gift vouchers will not be honored.

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6.3 Can I use an AIR21 gift voucher to pay for two transactions?

No. The AIR21 gift voucher may only be used for one transaction, although you may use more than one gift voucher for one waybill.

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7. Payment Scheme

7.1 Can I pay my packages using my credit card?

Yes, but only in selected branches and through our online booking system (Coming Soon)

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7.2 How would I know how much I should pay for my package?

When you call AIR21's Customer Service Representative, they can give you the estimated cost based on the published rates.

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7.3 How can I apply for an account with AIR21 ?

You can apply by calling the Customer Service Hotline of AIR21 and they can give you the sales contact number. The Customer Service Representative can also get all necessary details from you and email these to Sales as Leads.

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8. Domestic Service Feature

8.1 Can I still send packages exceeding the maximum dimension?

Yes. But exceeding the stated maximum dimensions should be pre-arranged with our Customer Service Representative prior to acceptance.

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8.2 What is AIR21's Standard Transit Time

1 to 2 business days for direct served, 2 to 5 business days for Out of Delivery Area.

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8.3 What if I need packing and crating service for my package?

This can be provided by AIR21. However, this should be pre-arranged with Customer Service prior to acceptance.

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9. Prohibited Item for Domestic Priority

9.1 What are the prohibited items in a shipment?

1. Explosive of any kind (liquid, solid, or gas).
2. Any article or substance, as presented for transport, which is liable to produce a dangerous evolution of heat or gas under the conditions normally encountered in air transport.
3. Flammable solids and organic peroxides having, as tested, explosive properties, which are packed in such a way that the classification procedure would require the use of an explosives label as an subsidiary risk label.
4. Lottery tickets.
5. Money (Coins, Currency, Paper Money and Negotiable Instruments equivalent to cash such as endorsed stocks, bonds, and cash letters).
6. Wet or dry ice.
7. Any shipment whose carriage is prohibited by Philippine law, statue, or regulations. These could be fake bags, fake shirts, pirated CDs.
8. Live animals and plants.


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A. Package Details and Shipping

1. Will AIR21 International have a designated box?

Right now, the dedicated box for AIR21 International is under development. We will be using the regular AIR21 Hebigat boxes (5kg, 10kg, 20kg) first for the meantime, while supplies to be provided upon request.

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3. What is the maximum weight of the package?

For AIR21 Hebigat boxes: • 5kg is 9kg • 10kg is 15kg • 20kg is 25kg
For customers' own packaging, it will vary upon the destination country for export and origin country for import.

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4. What is the expected delivery time if I plan to send out abroad? The transit time is as follows:

Continent Document Parcel Economy
Asia 1-2 +1 +2
US 2-3 +1 +2
Europe, Australia, and New Zealand 2-3 +1 +2
Middle East and Africa 3-4 +1 +2

Please check the service reference guide for international shipment destinations or origins. The transit time may vary based on the requirement or special handling of the shipment.

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5. Are there countries that you do not deliver to?

Yes, anything not included in the SRG is not served. Please check specific zip codes for serviceable areas.

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7. Where can I drop by shipment?

Yes, you may drop off your personal shipments to all AIR21 Stores nationwide. For Corporate accounts, AIR21 will pick-up their shipments or they may bring them to our AIR21 Merville Warehouse.

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B. Prohibited Items and Dangerous Goods

1. Are there special provisions that we need to follow when shipping out abroad?

A dedicated AIR21 International Customer Service personnel will be handling your concerns on all prohibited items and dangerous goods.

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C. Booking and Pick-Up

1. Where can I call in case I need to book a pick-up?

You may call us up at (02) 854-2100 to book your shipments. Same call-in cut-off for domestic shipments will apply.

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2. What are the details that I need to ready once I call up the CS Hotline?

You need to ready the following details:
a. Account Number
b. Pick-up address (preferably with zip code)
c. Delivery address (preferably with zip code)
d. Package Weight and Dimension
e. Time the package is ready for pick-up
f. Other details will be provided for by our dedicated AIR21 International Customer
Service personnel

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D. Tracking and Delivery

1. What is the tracking facility of AIR21 International shipments?

You may track your shipment by checking our AIR21 website at or call us at (02) 854-2100.

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3. Can someone receive the shipment on my behalf?

Yes, someone may receive the shipment on consignee's behalf.

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E. Account Holders

1. How do I apply for an AIR21 International account?

You may call us at (02) 854-2100 to apply for an AIR21 International Account. Our logistics solutions-driven Sales Team will be in close contact with you for your requirements.

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2. If I am already an AIR21 Domestic account holder, do I still need to apply for a different account number to enable corporate transactions with AIR21 International?

For existing AIR21 Domestic account holders, you need not apply for another account with AIR21 as we will be using your current credit line with AIR21 for your international-bound shipments.

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A. User Information and Directory

1. How can I be assured that my personal details are safe with you?

The AIR21 Online Booking facility is protected from external and internal threats through its network security devices and payment gateway provider that it follows the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) ruling.

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2. What are the necessary actions in case I change my address or contact number?

Any change in profile details may be done through the User Profile tab.

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4. For how long will you keep my transaction history?

All AIR21 Online Booking transaction history will be present in the AIR21 Online Booking archive for six months.

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5. What are the areas that you pick up from?

The AIR21 Online Booking facility only picks up in direct-served areas such as:
• Baguio
• Bataan
• Cavite
• Cebu
• Laguna
• Pampanga
• Rizal

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B. Items to Ship

1. What are the items allowed to be picked up?

Items that weigh 25 kilograms or less are allowed to be picked up through the transaction made in the AIR21 Online Booking facility.

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2. Are there restricted items in your list?

Yes, kindly refer to the AIR21 standard policy on dangerous goods, fragile items, and crating. These may be viewed in the AIR21 Frequently Asked Questions that are found in

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3. What is the maximum weight of the item to be picked up?

The AIR21 Online Booking facility only accepts shipments less than 25 kilograms. Any other shipments for pick-up that weigh more than 25 kilograms and require special handling must be coordinated through the AIR21 Customer Service Hotline at (02) 854 2100.

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4. How can I specify if my shipment needs to be crated?

Fragile shipments need to be crated. For this service, customers are advised to call the AIR21 Customer Service Hotline at (02) 854 2100 for further assistance.

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5. Do you accept customer's own packaging?

At the moment, the AIR21 Online Booking system only accepts shipments that use the AIR21 standard packaging such as SuLight (Extra Small, Small, Large), Bulilit Box (3kg), and Hebigat (5kg, 10kg, 20kg).

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C. Pick Up

1. What is the pick up schedule of AIR21?

AIR21 picks up from Mondays to Fridays, excluding holidays unless booked ahead. Cut-off for same-day pick-up is 2:00 PM. All received pick-up request beyond 2:00 PM will be picked up the following business day.

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2. Will you still pick up on a holiday if I booked ahead?

Yes, AIR21 will pick-up on a holiday if booked ahead. You may book 1 week in advance.

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3. Can I set a definite schedule of pick up?

Yes. AIR21 will follow the shipper's indicated time that the shipment is ready for pick-up up to 7PM.

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D. Billing and Payment

1. Is there a minimum amount for the online booking?

Yes. The minimum amount required is Php 350. Shippers may book another transaction to complete the Php350 requirement in case that the first transaction does not reach the minimum amount.

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2. Can I refund my payment in case I cancel the transaction?

Yes, you may refund your payment. Please call our Customer Service Hotline at (02) 854 2100 to start the process.

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4. Do you accept cash upon pick up?

We only allow credit card payment for pick-up transactions under AIR21 Online Booking. For cash payment, minimum amount is Php 1,000. Please call 854-2100 to book your shipment pick-up. Or you may drop off your shipment in our AIR21 Business Hub nationwide.

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Franchise Now

1. Do you have franchising opportunities?

Yes, if you're interested in opening a franchise please send us a letter of intent to


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